Thursday, September 5, 2013

No food for you...well, just you...not you!

Now that the school year is in full swing, I must share a few observations thus far.  The first is about the "Universal Breakfast Program".  Last year, it was made clear than EVERYONE in the school is invited (and encouraged) to partake in the FREE (read - your tax dollars) breakfast program.  Even teachers, teacher's aids, office staff...EVERYONE was encouraged to take part.  For months on end, we watched students take food in their little white bags up to their classroom only to see it landing in the big circular bins in the hallway some 12 minutes later.  A few students, very few, actually indulged in the food as if this was their biggest meal of their day.  And for those students, their parents should be held accountable. Then again, the government is succeeding at their long term plan that they will take care of everyone from "Cradle to Grave".

 And according to the powers that be...All is well!

Then, summer comes and in many public schools ANYONE can come in off the street and request a meal. Very few, if any, can be turned away..  (We cannot have anyone starving over summer vacation because, as we know,  food is soooo scarce in the mid-west during July and August.)

Still, the powers that be believe...All is well!

So the last school year ended and some 7 weeks later a new year has begun with new rules...
Now UNIVERSAL Breakfast is for students and their homeroom teachers only.  If you are an art teacher, gym teacher, computer teacher, teacher's aide etc. you cannot have a breakfast from the UNIVERSAL Breakfast program because you do not have children in front of  you during the said breakfast period.  Now, I have never eaten the breakfast from school, though for me it would be FREE, but how preposterous is it that one teacher is able to have a FREE breakfast while another has to pay $2.00 all the while the kids are taking their food and dumping it in the garbage.  

And those in charge...take another sip of their  Kool-aid for breakfast and proclaim...All is well!


  1. Interesting article, Lisa. It's depressing news, but not surprising. This is why I have always and will always vote down property tax increases, since most property taxes go toward running the schools. I am so very tired of this nonsense.