Friday, October 11, 2013

Here are just three reasons...

why the Common Core Standards need to be stopped.


I figured out the correct answer because I know 15-7 = 8, but come on...


2) On a third grade assessment the word "boughten" is used.  Talk about "out of touch" or, as I speculate, there is another agenda here.  I looked this word up on the computer and various sites state that "boughten" is the archaic form of the past tense of "buy".  

Here is a bit more information...

Boughten is an archaic participial inflection of the verb to buy. It was once a fairly common colloquial form—it was used to describe something bought instead of homemade—and it still appears occasionally, but it is widely seen as incorrect and might be considered out of place in formal writing. This does not mean that those who use it in their speech are ignorant or poorly informed.


3)  A sixth grade class in Arkansas was given an assignment asking which of the Bill of Rights they would have removed.  This worksheet that was sent home stated that the Bill of Rights were "outdated" and set up a scenario where the kids were on a special committee to 'throw out' two of them.  Really???? Tell me there is not another agenda here. 

The dumbing down of child at a time!

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