Monday, December 9, 2013

Music Matters: The Making of a Concert

I find it amazing how things come together.  This seems to be the recipe for success!

First you have the  ingredients...

65 plus people
1 director
3 piano players
1 drummer
1 guitar player
1 trumpet player


Gather people from all walks of life whose main common interest is music. Assign said people in a section and give them loads and loads of sheet music to study.  Meet on Tuesdays, rain or shine or snow (we are much more dependable than the US mail) for months tearing apart the music note by note. For weeks on end, each person goes home and tries to learn their part only to come back together as a group to see how much better it sounds.  Tape recorders come out (from the old cassettes to digital recorders) and then the serious work starts...Memorize! Memorize! Memorize! Time flies and suddenly there is one week left, and the main ingredients realize the show is just around the corner. Sheet music is put aside. It's time to see what everyone really knows and what still needs work.  Practices increase and we sing night after night....literally...people are waking up in their sleep with music on their minds.  

Last, but certainly not least, it is Sunday, the day of the big show! Despite the weather, people start to gather hours before the performance to get the stage ready, set up, and practice.  Yes! Practice once more...

Finally, the time is here.  Everyone puts on their costumes and lines up while the audience takes their seats.  When the clock hits 3:20 exactly, the curtain goes up (well, it would, but there is no curtain at Ozinga Hall) and the show begins.  Adrenaline is pumping and now is the moment of truth!  Everyone sings their hearts out and the heavenly sounds flow through the auditorium.  Time moves quickly and before you know it the show has ended.  

The applause and the smiles from over 650 people in the audience is our pay and we all smile too.  It's so nice to see that music still matters.  

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