Sunday, January 5, 2014

Where do Rahm's children go to school?

UPDATE: CPS has closed schools again for tomorrow, Tuesday, January 7, 2014.

Since this posting earlier today...CPS has seen the light and decided to really think about "the children"and they have canceled school for tomorrow, Monday , January 6, 2014.

Does anyone know if Rahm Emanuel's children still attend the University of Chicago Lab Schools?  I find it interesting that the weather is too cold and dangerous for those students and their school is closed tomorrow, but it is okay for CPS students to go to school.  Just a thought...

All over the news for the past 48 hours there have been reports about the "barbaric weather" that is coming on Monday.  That these will be "the highest low" temperatures in decades.  It will only take "minutes" to get frostbite.  

Then Channel 7 did a whole series on the "Dangerous Cold" thing- health and safety tips, protecting your pets, protecting your cars, protecting your house.  Maybe that's why CPS has already declared schools open on Monday and Tuesday - there was no news coverage on "protecting your children".

Instead of waiting to actually see what the weather conditions will be, they have decided it is safe "for the children" to travel to school.  It's amazing how it's always for the children.   Right now if your child is absent, CPS states he/she will get an "excused absence". I wonder if come Monday, it won't count against them at all.  

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  1. It really is a common sense issue. Those making decisions really needs to rethink their plan.