Friday, January 24, 2014

Rotten to the Core...Common Core!

School has been beyond hectic after returning from Christmas vacation.  New initiatives, expectations, and directives are being shot at teachers from above as if they are the targets of an over-sized bullseye.

The newsflash is that students are not getting a rigorous enough education. This, from the very people who have been watering down the curricula for over two decades because self-esteem was more important than self-reliance.  

Tried and true techniques and strategies used for years to increase students' knowledge were slowly abandoned  and replaced with a variety of new fads by anyone who had initials after their name - be it PhD, MD or just BS.

Enter Common Core...a curriculum where educators got nary a say.  At a recent meeting discussing data and testing (a very familiar topic this year), one of the powers that be explained the newest test like this, "They are building the car as they are driving it."  On hearing that, I got the idea that those test dummies that are put in new cars to do crash tests have a better chance of success than the students do.  The new test is called PARRC (Partnership for Assessement of Readiness for College and Careers) and should arrive in a public school near you next year.  

In a nutshell, students are the widgets and the teachers are the "facilitators" making sure each widget comes out exactly alike. Input...Output. Unfortunately, students are not widgets and as any educator, parent, or anyone who has been around children for a nanosecond knows - there's not a "one size fits all" method.  

It is true...
The full taste of knowledge has been wiped away and all we are left with is the core...a rotten Core at that.

The content of Common Core is a matter for another day, but here is an interesting link...
Click here for more information on Common Core

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