Saturday, February 8, 2014

Charter Schools moving one step closer to being like "regular" CPS Schools...

If CPS, BBB and the President get their way, Chicago charter schools will be changing their discipline policy to be more aligned with the latest CPS policies that were instituted in 2012.  Now that I have witnessed this policy in action for a year and a half, I would like to rename it the "BOOMERANG POLICY".  

What happens is this...students are doing whatever they want to do.  Things like cursing out teachers, or just openly swearing in class while making crude comments, walking out of class at will and wandering around the building, destroying school property, and stealing...just to name a few.  (I'm not even including little things like being out of uniform and not doing homework.) Teachers are told to document, document, document...I guess that is just to make sure we don't forget how to write, because when a student is escorted to the office or security is called to remove the student, that child returns within the hour (but more likely within minutes). And quite often, the child is sent back without supervision.  Great idea there.

The imaginary result is perfect.  CPS, President Obama, and BBB will be thrilled because in their world if teachers are not allowed to discipline and there are very few, if any,  "suspensions" on record, then obviously, there are no discipline issues. Problem solved. (I wish I knew what was in their kool-aid.)

The real result is much more scary.  Not only do the kids know that they are not going to get into trouble, they also know that if they should get into any kind of trouble, they can blow that off too and nothing will happen. So, who's really in charge? Unfortunately, the good kids are getting sucked in and some are starting to follow along. Heck, why should I follow rules if no one else is?  And those poor kids who really want to learn...fat chance of that happening.  When there's a  "show of shows" going on inside the classroom there is no real learning going on. And the lack of learning will be the least of our problems if and when someone really gets hurt. I wonder what policy they have in place for that?

There is already much controversy about the benefits of charter schools.  If they vote to have a discipline policy aligned with CPS, they will have much more to worry about than test scores.

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