Sunday, February 2, 2014

Common Core is to education what Obamacare is to health insurance...

Read this interesting article put out by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc.  

Not only does it question the validity of Common Core, but the cost to Illinois is $733 MILLION dollars. But remember, there's no money to fund the pensions.  Ridiculous!

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Is your child really being dumbed down as Illinois continues with full   implementation of nationalized Common Core standards?

There is a growing controversy throughout America. Parents, teachers, state officials, and concerned  citizens from most every state have become concerned about the new nationalized education system, known as Common Core. The professors who wrote the commentary “Common Core and Continued Prosperity” published in the O.C. Register (1-27), provided reasons for it being initiated and referred to specific expectations by its promoters, but then failed to adequately address opponents’ specific concerns.
The above commentary provided Bonnie O’Neil and me with the impetus to delve into the nature of Common Core which both California and Illinois have endorsed wholeheartedly.  An Illinois Education Association (IEA) website explains Common Core Standards under the guise that the resources will provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn to ensure that all students achieve college and career readiness.

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