Saturday, April 5, 2014

There is NO money to fund pensions, but there is money for this...

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  1. This is a tough call because on one side I think that this is crazy that we as a society have to take on the role of parents. On the other side the reality is that there are a lot of people out there making children who have no business doing so, and it is not the children's faults that they are born. My concern is that we do not want to have a situation in which people think assistance is an entitlement and that they do not have to work for what they get. It would be one thing if the food program in the flier was tied to some sort work or educational opportunity. What I mean is if the kids were in a summer job and had gotten a meal at the end of their shift or spend a day in summer school and had gotten a meal during school day, then I could live with that program. However, if folks are just getting handouts, then that is not right at all. Considering how some parents who patronize such programs seem to have enough money to buy the latest basketball shoes, lottery tickets, and the most recent fashions, then I question why those same individuals cannot pay for their children? My concern is that the children start to develop an attitude of dependency and will think if they do not work hard then they can simply get a handout. I think any sort of food program or giveaway should be tied to some sort of work even if it is something as simple as volunteer service or taking classes at school.

    Another big issue which really needs to be considered is the large number of undocumented people we have in our society. I am no advocate of amnesty by any stretch of the imagination, but we have to come up with a rational way to deal with the large number of illegals we have in this country. We might need to hold our noses and give status to those who have children who are legal American citizens if only so that those individuals can start paying taxes into the system. My concern is that we have a lot of latchkey kids floating around who do not have papers and who are stuck in a nowhere position when they turn 18 unable to live in this country due to lack of papers and back in their home country due to not having the language and cultural skills. True, enforcement is a major factor in the illegal problem, but we also have to deal compassionately with the law abiding illegal children who are here who through no fault of their own were brought to this country. I am sure not a small number of those kids are probably making us of the program above due to their parents not being able to find steady work to feed their families. At least let's get law abiding undocumented illegals (I know that is an oxymoron) on the path to legalization so we can get rid of the underclass we have now who are living in the shadows. They need to pay taxes into the system so that if they use programs like the one above at least they are partially funding it.

    Finally, we have to make birth control and sex education accessible to anyone who wants it most especially to junior high and high school kids but also to older people. I would much rather give out free birth control rather than having to pay for unwanted kids or kids who are born and end up becoming drains on the system. I know that sounds harsh, but it is equally harsh with a kid being born in a family that has no way to support them and that kid ending up in poverty, in the criminal justice system, or dead. If there are people who are going to be doing the "Birds and the Bees," then at least make birth control accessible to them so that we as a society are not paying for programs like this one feeding kids they have no ability for which they can provide.