Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Is this the new norm?

As a teacher turned the corner in the school hallway, she saw a boy flat on the floor covering his head while two others pummeled him with their fists.  The teacher yelled, "HEY!" as she continued to walk in their direction.  The two offenders heard the yell, looked up, and took off running down the long hallway. The teacher saw to the boy on the ground who was crying.  He got up, and they both walked in the direction of the students who took off running.  The teacher didn't know what class they were in, and the victim here wasn't talking.

As the teacher and crying student got further down the hallway, a classroom door flew open and two different students with evil smiles started to dart out the door.  They looked up and saw the teacher who said through gritted teeth, "Get back in that room!"  The two students quickly got inside and slammed the door.

Not ten feet further, with the crying boy still walking along side of the teacher, another student yelled out, "He's in the locker!"  The teacher looked over in disbelief and moved closer to the locker where the student was pointing. As she approached that locker she could hear, "Let me out! Let me out!".  This yelling was followed by pounding from the inside of the locker.  The teacher quickly opened the locker and a boy looked at her dumbfounded. As he exited the locker, he looked up at the teacher and stated, "Someone put me in there." The teacher just said, "Obviously."  By this time, the teacher realized where all these students belonged (and it was not with their homeroom teacher at this time). She approached the classroom, explaining to the teacher in charge about the boy who was getting punched, the kids trying to run out of class, and the boy jammed in his locker. The reply, "That's an everyday occurrence."  At this point, this is what happened to the teacher who observed all of this...

Was this a scene from Animal House, Welcome Back Kotter, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, or maybe the Twilight Zone???

NO! This was a first grade class in a Chicago public school, and I was the teacher who observed this nonsense first-hand. 

The "NO-discipline" discipline policy of the public schools that I wrote about before is doing wonders for our children and their learning environment.  

The schools have so much more than test scores to worry about!

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