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It cost WHAT in 1989?

Charlie and I are celebrating 25 years of wedding bliss this week!

"No man or woman
really knows 
what perfect love is
until they have been married
a quarter of a century."
Mark Twain

I thought it might be fun to take a look "back in time".

Let's see what else was happening in 1989...

1989 at a glance:

President:              George Bush
Vice President:     Dan Quayle
Population:            246,819,230
Life Expectancy:  75.1 years

Federal Spending:           $1143.17 billion
Federal Debt:                 $2868.0 billion
Inflation:                         4.6%
Consumer Price Index:  124
Unemployment:              5.5%

1989 Cost Of Living:

Median Household Income: $28,906.00 
Cost of a first-class stamp$0.25 
Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $1.12 
Cost of a dozen eggs: $0.96 
Cost of a gallon of Milk: $2.34 

Interest Rates Year End Federal Reserve
Average Cost of new house $120,000.00 
Average Income per year $27,450.00 
Average Monthly Rent $420.00 
Average Price for new car $15,350.00

BMW 325 $21,400 
Ford Probe $12,695 
Rib Eye Steak Lb $3.79 

Gas Prices Hit the Roof 
"At an average of $1.254 a gallon for all grades nationally, gasoline now costs more than it has since the Thanksgiving weekend of 1985, when the association said motorists paid $1.256."
Click here for 1989 full Chicago Tribune article

The 486 series of microprocessor is released by Intel opening the way for the next generation of much more powerful PC's and Microsoft releases it's Office Suite including Spreadsheet, Word Processor, Database and Presentation Software which today still dominates in office applications.

What Events Happened in 1989?

Here in the United States...
  • George Bush Sr. becomes president of the United States
  • The United States Supreme Court ruled on June 21st that flag burning as a form of political protest is an act of protected speech under the First Amendment to the Constitution.
  • The Phillips 66 Chemical Complex in Houston, Texas has a series of explosions and fires killing 23 employees.
  • Serial killer Ted Bundy is executed in Florida's electric chair
  • The Mirage Hotel and Casino opens in Las Vegas as the first huge resort hotel
  • In Alaska's Prince William Sound the Exxon Valdez spills 240,000 barrels (11 million gallons) of oil after running aground
  • The Serial Killer Ted Bundy is executed in Florida
  • The Loma Prieta earthquake, measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale, strikes San Francisco Bay Area in California, killing 63
  • Yugo Cars go bankrupt
  • Ford buys Jaguar
  • The US Government provides a $150 billion bail out for hundreds of saving and loan associations

Events around the globe...

  • USSR pulls out of Afghanistan
  • Partial elections in USSR
  • PLO and Israel begin preliminary talks
  • Pro democracy protesters clash with Chinese Security Forces in Tiananmen Square.
  • Thousands of Students occupy Tiananmen Square in Beijing China protesting for democracy , Chinese Government Declares martial law and Hundreds of Demonstrators are killed
  • Tokyo Stock Market Crash ends Japans long period of high Economic Growth
  • Toyota launches it's luxury brand the Lexus
  • The Registered Partnership law is passed in Denmark which grants same sex couples many of the rights and responsibilities of marriage
South Africa
  • Violence in black townships worsen with over 2,500 killed
  • New Prime Minister in South Africa F.W. de Klerk starts to dismantle apartheid
  • Free Elections in Poland bring Solidarity to power
  • 200,000 protesters in Prague, Czechoslovakia call for the resignation of the country's communist government in the "Velvet Revolution".
  • Following the protests free elections are held in Czechoslovakia
  • Massive protests and either side of the Berlin Wall bring about the collapse of the East German Government and the Berlin Wall is breached and eventually dismantled and The Brandenburg Gate opened leading to the reunification of East and West Germany
  • One of the deadliest tornadoes in modern times strikes Saturia, Bangladesh Tornado killing as many as 1,300
European Union
  • 12 European Community nations agree to ban the production of all chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) by the end century
  • United States provide assistance to Columbia Government to Battle Drug Lords
  • In Egypt, a 4,400-year-old mummy is found in the Great Pyramid of Giza
  • UK 747 crashes on the M1 Motorway
  • Sky TV Launched In UK
  • Hillsborough disaster occurred on April 15th , 1989, at Hillsborough, a football stadium in Sheffield, England, resulting in the loss of 96 lives.
  • British police arrest 250 for celebrating the summer solstice at Stonehenge
  • Marchioness pleasure boat collides with a barge on the River Thames adjacent to Southwark Bridge and 51 die.
  • Marc Lépine shoots and kills 14 women students at École Polytechnique in Montreal
Puerto Rico
  • Hurricane Hugo ( Category 5 ) strikes Puerto Rico, St. Croix, Guadeloupe, Montserrat, South Carolina and North Carolina, the hurricane claimed over 80 lives and in 1989 was the costliest hurricane in financial terms up the that date.
  • Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issues a ( FATWA ) death sentence on British writer Salman Rushdie for the Satanic Verses
  • Civil War in Lebanon increases between Christian and Islamic Fundamentalists
  • After 30 years the Cold War between East and West ends following the Malta conference and the Berlin Wall comes down
  • Following the Tiananmen Square incident the US and other countries around the world place sanctions on China
1989 Sports: 
Super Bowl
San Francisco d. Cincinnati (20-16)
World Series
Oakland A's d. SF Giants (4-0)
NBA Championship
Detroit Pistons d. LA Lakers (4-0)
Stanley Cup
Calgary d. Montreal (4-2)
Women: Steffi Graf d. M. Navratilova (6-2 6-7 6-1)
Men: Boris Becker d. S. Edberg (6-0 7-6 6-4)

Kentucky Derby Champion
Sunday Silence
NCAA Basketball Championship
Michigan d. Seton Hall (80-79 OT)
NCAA Football Champions
Miami-FL (11-1-0)

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband!

All facts and figures came from the following websites:

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