Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CPS to "ease up" on discipline policy...REALLY???

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The Chicago Board of Education want to do things like -

"Prohibit suspensions for preschool to second grade" - I've seen students this past school year within this age range beating up other students - actually pummeling them on the ground.  I've seen them shove students in lockers, hall off and punch someone in the face, not to mention those students who were caught groping other students.

Make out of school suspension a "last resort" - I know the powers-that-be want to keep all kids in the classroom, but at what price?  Those kids causing the problems are not learning, and they are a disruption to the others no matter what people try to tell you.  When just one student is allowed back into a class after an egregious action, all other students are now off task.  Some of whom try to emulate the bad behavior, others laugh and think it's "cool" that he/she got away with it, and the few who are trying to learn certainly can't focus with all this needless chaos in the room.  When this happens on a daily basis, you can imagine the result.

"Students now caught with cellphones will not face suspension unless they're using the device to harass, incite violence or disrupt other students" - I have never personally witnessed a student have an out of school (or in school suspension for that matter) for having a cell phone.  At most, if the students don't lie and hide their phone in their bra or underwear, and actually admit they used it, a parent would have to come to school to retrieve it.

Most times though when there is a cell phone in use by a student, there is disruption, so how are they going to get around that?

This updated policy will also "abandon the "persistent defiance" offense" -  I love how the article puts shrugging shoulders and throwing a pen over and over again across a table in anger in the same category.  I wonder what categories getting up and leaving a class repeatedly without permission (whereabouts unknown for countless minutes), yelling and cursing out teachers, and damaging property fall under?

This policy also proposes to "limit mandatory police notification to possession of firearms or drugs" - There are no other details in the article, but it leads me to believe that schools would not have to notify the police for things like assault, battery, theft, etc.  I know the police are very busy and should not be called out on a whim.  We never want it to be like the boy who cried wolf, but some actions justify police notification. It's a shame there is no more common sense.

In a nutshell, the Board of Education is looking for a "more tolerant response to misbehavior".  

These are the definitions of tolerant and misbehavior from the Mirriam -Webster On-line Dictionary


 adjective \ˈtä-lə-rənt, ˈtäl-rənt\
: willing to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own
: able to allow or accept something that is harmful, unpleasant, etc.


improper or illegal behavior  

So, the Board of Education wants schools, teachers, and staff members to be more acceptable of beliefs or habits that are different from their own (and from the general public norms) even when that something is harmful, unpleasant, improper, or illegal.  Really???


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