Monday, June 2, 2014

I have a solution...

Parents send your children to school with a lunch!  There, end of problem. 

Michelle Obama states that any changes to HER lunch menu are "unacceptable". Unacceptable has been the new buzz word for the past couple of years, even in the public school.  That word is thrown around so much now that it's meaning has become trite. Besides that, who voted Michelle Obama in as the food czar?

To read more about the government's school lunch program vs. what the Obama children eat, click the following links...

I know the school food program is not about nutrition anyway.  It's all about the government running our lives and seeing who can make the most money.  

Case in point...
At our school, we have the Fruit and Veggie program which was started under the guise of exposing children to fruits and vegetables that they might not otherwise have a chance to try.  While we've had the occasional "new" or "unique" food like purple cauliflower, most of the foods are very regular and well-known like carrots, apples, blueberries, celery, tomatoes, and bell peppers. (Some days the waste is astronomical!) All the food comes in individually sealed single-serve packages from Del Monte. I don't know if the students are benefiting at all, but I am quite sure Del Monte is!

And, once again, the tax payer gets it in the end!

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