Friday, July 4, 2014

How does the government stop fraud? Change the rules!

Get a load of this crap!

There was too much fraud going on with the "FREE" lunch program because schools, administrators, and parents lied on the forms.  The problem is now solved.  EVERYONE will get a free breakfast and lunch! Look, no more fraudulent paper work.  The new system sounds.. oh.. so.. easy.

If a student eats that day, the district will get reimbursed.  Easy as pie!  There can't possibly be fraud with this new system, right?  I have already seen administrators force students to "take a meal".  They are not forced to eat the food, just take the food.  So, the tax payers keep paying and the Dumpters will be filled with our government waste!

The honest worker continues to get it in the end, while those who cheat continue to prosper!

“If a student eats that day, the district gets reimbursed,” said Leslie Fowler, executive director of CPS’ nutritional support services. “But if they don’t eat, then CPS doesn’t get reimbursed and there’s no cost associated with that meal. We can’t predict what they do or don’t do, but we hope we can encourage them to participate.”

You can read the whole article here...,0,6007059.story

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  1. Same fraud just much easier and higher up THE FOOD CHAIN. Set the table.