Thursday, July 24, 2014

Press Release! After much persistence and pressure from residents, Aunt Martha's is leaving the Hegewisch neighborhood.

Those who live in Hegewisch have been letting their voices be heard in regards to the activity and mayhem that takes place involving Aunt Martha's residents.  At a meeting earlier this week, Aunt Martha's announced that after almost 20 years, they will close the group home and leave the neighborhood.  

The building used for Aunt Martha's Group Home was originally a convent for the nuns at St. Florian Church. During the time former pastor (and also former priest) Albert Pizza was there, he got rid of the retired nuns in exchange for Aunt Martha's.  I say, bring back the nuns!

Here is the Press Release...

Here is another article from back in 1995 that you might find interesting about Aunt Martha's and the problems that were happening at the time. Back then a spokesperson for Aunt Martha's called the crime reported to the news an "unpleasant development".  Since then, there have been years of "unpleasant developments" surrounding those who live at Aunt Martha's.  And as a side note, the Reverend Albert Pizza, not only left St. Florian's Parish, he left the priesthood and got married, and then left Hegewish leaving the residents to deal with the mess he helped create.

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