Friday, August 1, 2014

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A person takes the Principal's Eligibility Test to become a Chicago Public School principal not once, but twice in one year and FAILS both times.  Under the "old" rules that person would not be eligible to retake the test for three years.  But alas, this is the Chicago Public Schools, so when the outcome isn't what is wanted, the rules are simply changed.  (Too many students are failing...lower the standards!  Too many students are getting into trouble...lower the standards and make it impossible for teachers to actually have discipline in their rooms!)

Now, a "new" rule was established by the  Board of Education on July 23rd of this year that the CEO of the Chicago Public Schools (Barbara Byrd Bennett aka Triple B) could appoint an Interim Principal without that person having passed the eligibility assessment as long as the person is extremely qualified to serve the needs of the school (or school system as I see it).

Who is this newly hired principal?  Catherine Sugrue -the sister  to Alderman Patrick O'Connor, Rahm's City Council floor leader.

Who hires the members of the Board of Education?  Rahm Emanuel

According to the Chicago Tribune article, what is Ms. Sugrue's claim to fame within CPS? 
She was the Director of School Transition for the 50 schools that were closed last year, worked in the office of "new schools" which help create charter schools, and was a vice-president at a company that manages charter schools for Chicago.

Click HERE for full story from the Chicago Tribune

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