Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wages and Benefits X 120 Days

This happened last week, and I waited to post this hoping the local media would pick up the story, but knowing they probably would not.

A grievance was filed back in 2012 by a CPS school because substitute teachers were not provided when needed.  Over a two year period, it was documented that a substitute teacher was NOT put in a classroom 120 times.  This school has approximately 25 teachers, so over a two year period a teacher was absent (or sent to professional development) 4 or 5 times.

During these times, students were sometimes put in other classrooms thereby interrupting learning for both groups of students.  Sometimes Special Education teachers were put in these rooms thereby making it impossible for them to work with their own students.  Other times, non-teachers were put in charge of those classrooms. (I know as a teacher that when I am not able to be in class, I leave meticulous, detailed plans. The idea being that a substitute teacher will be in the room implementing those lessons, so there is no "loss of learning" for the day.  I also know students...if they think that the work doesn't matter, they won't do it.) To traipse kids from one room to another with no rhyme or reason makes for a very "noneducational" day.

The outcome: 
A grievance was filed and now, two years later, the case went to arbitration.  In the matter of the Chicago Teachers Union vs. The Board of Education the arbitrator found in favor of the Union and the teachers of Taylor School.

What did they win?

  • A Cadre substitute will be appointed to Taylor School for future absences
  • Retroactively, the Board of Ed. has to compensate Taylor School in the amount of compensation for one Cadre Substitute (wages and benefits) times 120 days.  The money is to be used for student education programs as voted on by the Taylor School Professional Problems Committee.
If the Board of Education followed the Contract Agreement to begin with, this would have not been an issue!

Here are two links if you want to read more details about this and the full ruling from the arbitrator.

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