Sunday, November 16, 2014

What would you do if this was you or your family?

A man stands in public places and takes pictures of unsuspecting women and girls.  Then he takes those photos and posts them on a porn website.  It's not considered a crime because the females are fully clothed.

This below post was put on Facebook a month ago, but the story was in the news this week.  Click the link below for more details and a video clip.

"Community Alert!!
It has been brought to our attention that there are videos/pictures on various websites of women and children that were posted and taken without their consent in the community. We are working closely with the police to identify the individual (s) responsible. Please be alert and cautious, please report any suspicious activity to the police immediately! CALL 9-1-1
If you have any information please contact the 004th District Police Department at 312-747-8201 immediately."

From the news....

"Police are investigating after photos taken of unsuspecting women and girls in public on Chicago’s Southeast Side were posted to a porn site. 
“They stalked me, they filmed me, they put my image on a pornographic website, not only without my consent, without my knowledge,” said victim Giuliana Ramirez.
In a community alert issued by Ald. John Pope (4th Ward), officials say that photos and videos were taken of women and girls in the East Side neighborhood without them knowing and were then posted to a pornographic website."

Click here for the rest of the story from NBC News -

What do you think?

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