Thursday, February 5, 2015

Will CPS teachers strike again?

Karen Lewis spoke recently spoke at the City Club and told listeners that with the current Chicago Teacher's Union contract expiring this summer that the Union members are ready and willing to strike again if they don't get better working conditions.

All I can say is that the months ahead will be quite interesting.

Three years ago CTU members walked the picket line for one week.  On the eighth day the strike was suspended and the Union called it a victory.

Let us remember some of the things that were won:

  • Working 45 minutes longer very day
  • Working 10 more school days every year
  • An evaluation system that is more complex than the reading of the Magna Carta
  • And of course a raise! A RAISE that amounts to about $1.00 more per day (and that's before taxes).  Many teachers bring home less money now than they did three years ago.
If the Union decides to strike again, I wonder if they'll recall how much was won the last time around.

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