Sunday, March 22, 2015

Going, Going, Gone...

I usually don't write book reviews for books that are disappointing, but since Gone Girl seemed to be "such a hit", I thought I'd add in my two cents.

I finished this book last week and have been debating on how to write this review.  I think the best way to describe Gone Girl is that it was a book I loved to hate. 

The book was given to me and, at the time, the only thing I knew about it was what I read on the back cover.  I knew it was made into a movie, but I never read a review about it.  That being said, as I read Part I of the book, I thought it was a bit slow moving.  After Amy's disappearance, I felt sorry for Nick, but when it was revealed that Nick was cheating on his wife, I felt he deserved whatever came to him.  At this point, I loved to hate Nick. 

Part II really captured my interest and I was glad I continued reading.  Many more layers of Amy are revealed and without saying too much, believe me when I tell you, you will begin to feel sorry for Nick and love to hate Amy.

By the time I arrived at the third part of the book, I was ready for some true justice or straight out revenge, and this is where I became very disappointed.  As I read the last page, all I can say is, I loved to hate the ending.  ( I actually read it twice thinking I missed something.)

I give Gillian Flynn 3.5 stars for her writing style (some of her word choice was crass and I could have done without the quizzes) , 4 stars for twists and turns in the middle of the book, and 1 star for her ending.  

Gone Girl is 555 pages long and that's way too many pages to invest in a story that leaves the reader feeling short-changed.

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