Thursday, August 6, 2015

I'd ask what could be next, but I'm afraid of the possibilities!

Rahmulus does it again...screws Chicagoans in more ways than one.  I've never seen a mayor work so hard at not paying down his debt in the form of the pension pick-up for Chicago Police, Firemen, and Teachers.  People are sick and tired of hearing about how the city is broke, but miraculously money is found to do ANYTHING BUT PAY INTO THE PENSION FUNDS. 

His latest move...making taxpayers pay for people's "gender reassignment surgeries".  How is the taxpayer on the hook for this?  Because Rahm just passed a "mayoral order" (That sounds very Rahm-like doesn't it?) that taxpayer-subsidized city health insurance will now pay out $100,000.00 for any person who wants to have a sex change operation.  

It states in the Sun-Times that one of the gay alderman wanted to push for "gender-neutral washrooms", but the mayor didn't go that far.  So making a gender neutral bathroom is going "that far", but allowing $100,000.00 for any person who wants a sex change is not?   Give me a break!  I know I'm not a construction worker or a doctor, but I think it's easier to redesign a bathroom than a human body!  But that's just me, I guess.

And as far as making more debt, here's this..."No matter what the new benefit ends up costing the city, it'll be a drop in the bucket of the Chicago's skyrocketing tab for health care."  So since the city is already in debt, let's just spend more money that the city (supposedly) doesn't have.  I know that is the advice any and all financial advisors would give to a family in debt.  You already owe a gazzillion dollars so what's a few more million.  Have at it...spend away!

Rahm and his ilk definitely have an agenda, and it has nothing to do with getting the city out of debt or caring about the citizens of Chicago.

Read the whole sordid article here...

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