Monday, January 4, 2016

And they want $15.00 an hour...

Anyone who knows me at all knows cooking is not my forte.  I can count on one hand the foods that I actually prepare and cook, but I am an expert at ordering out, picking food up, and getting delivery. I'm also an expert when it comes to adding or subtracting without the use of a computer.

Recently, I offered to "cook" the best way I know how and went to Wendy's to buy lunch. I clearly placed the order into the microphone (because it was too cold to get out of the car).  I was asked to pull up to get the total which should have been my first clue that something had gone awry.  Once I arrived at the window, the worker very politely told me the computers just went down and that it would be a minute to get the total.  I smiled, rolled up my window, and patiently waited.  Within about a four minute period, the same woman came back to the window and told me it would just be a bit longer. I continued to smile and nod and patiently wait. When she opened her window all the way, I figured everything was A-OK, but she asked instead if I would be paying with cash. I told her I had a gift card, but depending on the total, I might have to add some cash to it. Now it was the workers turn to smile and nod and I continued to wait. I was quite hopeful when the lady came back and told me the computers were "reloading" but shortly thereafter, she opened the window one last time, handed me all of my food and said, "Here you go." I asked her how much I owed and she said I had been waiting long enough and the computers aren't coming back up. They didn't have a total, so I was just to take the food.  I asked in a few different ways about payment making sure she was really just giving me our meals. She insisted that I just take the food and asked if I would come visit them again. I told her I definitely would come back. (I wanted to drive back around to the little microphone right then and there, but I refrained.)

While I appreciate the worker's concern for the time that I spent waiting (which was probably only 7-8 minutes total), I couldn't believe the way they rectified the situation was to give me the food for free.  As a school teacher, I was biting my tongue so hard, I could almost taste blood.  I wanted to ask her to pass me a piece of paper and a pencil so I could add up the total. I would have even included the tax, but again I refrained. Forget the paper/pencil method, wasn't there one calculator available? Even if they couldn't figure out how to include the tax, they could've at least gotten some of their money. Again, the lady who waited on me was polite and courteous, but polite and courteous is only part of the job.  There needs to be a Plan B if the computers are down.  If they are still able to make the food, they need to figure out a way to get their money.

I must say, though, that was THE BEST Wendy's I ever had. Free is delicious!  And I did go back since then, but unfortunately for me, their computers were working.


  1. An all too typical example of why, when an electro magnetic pulse fries our high tech world, we will instantly be back in the Stone Age. I doubt these products of modern education could master the use of the fingers and toes method. Said with only a pinch of sarcasm.