Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Not enough money 'til the end of the school year?

First I get a letter today from the Chicago Teacher's Union stating that an April 1st strike cannot be ruled out, and then I see this in the newspaper stating CPS lacks cash to get through the rest of this year. Talk about setting the stage for an epic failure all around!

The highlights of the news article states: 

  • CPS states it will "better manage available funds" which leaves a heck of a lot of questions as to how it's been managed up 'til now!
  • Teachers be careful of what you spend...CPS is now going to make changes as to how employees are reimbursed.  
  • Principals are also asked to "conserve" and only spend money they really, really need. 
  • The district might even reset passwords used to approve purchases to try and cut-down on fraud. (See first bullet-point)
  • All purchases over $5000 would need district approval (the same group that is now going to "better manage available funds").
  • CPS will owe $700 million to the Pension Fund by the end of June BECAUSE FOR YEARS, THEY WEREN'T PAYING THEIR BILLS!

It's all legit, I'm sure. 

To read more about the whole sordid mess, click on the link below...


  1. Let the teachers pay the 9% into their pension fund like we do.

  2. Where I'm from they tax the property owners enough to provide an excellent education for all the kids in the district. And we're happy to pay for it.

    We only have as many kids as we can afford to provide for.