Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I waited a few days to see if and how the mainstream news reported the Chicago Teachers Union big APRIL FOOL's event from Friday before posting this, and needless to say besides showing "peaceful gatherings" and marches and thousands of people blocking traffic for those workers trying to get home on a Friday afternoon, not much else was mentioned.  For all the hoop-la before the event not much was reported afterwards.

As for me, I work with some very dedicated and good teachers, and out of respect for them, I decided not to cross the picket line last Friday. But, for my own self-respect, here are over 20 reasons why I stayed home and DID NOT participate in any of the day's events.

Community Groups

Assata's Daughters 
Grassroots Collaborative
Teachers for Social Justice  
Grassroots Education Movement 
Kenwood-Oakland Community Organization 
Brighton Park Neighborhood Council 
Black Lives Matter Chicago 
ONE Northside 
Parents for Teachers 
St. James Lutheran – Acts of Love 
Village Leadership Academy 
Journey for Justice 
Black Scholars for Black Lives 
Northside Action for Justice 
Logan Square Neighborhood association 
Communities United 
350 Nation 
Bridging While Black 
Love & Protect 
Black on Both Sides 

Did the Union ask for input from its members before aligning themselves with all these groups? OF COURSE NOT!  The Union made unilateral decisions and then expected all of its members to follow along like good sheeple.  I would be embarrassed to be associated with these groups. 

Here are a couple of links that have been circulating from Friday's event to show just how much April 1st was NOT ABOUT THE TEACHER'S CONTRACT OR "THE CHILDREN"...
Video of Page May from Assata's Daughter spewing racist remarks and hateful remarks against the police. She references her 13 year old students.  How nice that she is teaching them to hate at such a young age.  To find this video, click this link and it's the first video on the left side of the CTU Facebook page.  (If someone has the direct link, I'd love to have it to post here.)

At the end of this clip, Karen Lewis the CTU President, tells BYP100 (Black Youth Project 100) that she is writing them a check "'cause they need it".  She was standing there as our Union president.  I wonder if she is planning to write that check from the CTU coffers or from her personal bank account?

All I can say is - 

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