Friday, March 3, 2017

There are refugees, and then there are not...

Simply put, a true refugee is a person who has been forced to leave a country because of war for religious or political reasons.  So why then, would a person bring those same beliefs (religious and/or political) to the country that is taking him in?  Why would a true refugee come to a country to be safe, a country where he is now free from persecution and strife only to demand that that country follow the same way of life from which he just escaped? The reason is, many of the thousands coming to the USA now are not true refugees.   They are claiming refugee status in order to infiltrate our country with hopes of changing our way of life.  If that sounds far-fetched, just look at Europe (yes- even Sweden).  Think of the countries there that have so many problems because of the rapid increase of thousands of so-called "refugees".   

There are a couple of quotes from President Trump's recent speech to Congress that sums is all up very nicely -

"We've defended the borders of other nations while leaving our own borders wide open for anyone to cross..."

"It's not compassionate but reckless to allow uncontrolled entry where proper vetting cannot occur.  Our country cannot be a sanctuary for extremists."

"Our obligation is to serve, protect, and defend the citizens of the United States from radical Islamic terrorism."

and finally, 

"Americans must put its own citizens first because only then can we make America great again."  

And to the naysayers - I end with this...

To those who keep spouting that those weren't Trump's words, that he has a speech do ALL presidents.  Get over it. 

To those who want to take in thousands of "refugees" without proper vetting (Who wouldn't want to know who is coming into our country?) Maybe you should take one or two or three home to live with you.  

To those who think it's terrible to say Americans should put America first?  What country should Americans put first if not their own? I would expect that of citizens of any put their country first.   In your personal world, do you put your spouse, your children, your families first?  I would hope so!  So, why not our country.  It only makes sense.  

People fight to get into this country legally every day, not because it is LIKE the country they currently live in, but because it is NOT.  Why would we want to risk losing our identity and way of life?


  1. Stfu n go fuck a moose wit yo wicket witch of the west lookin ass

  2. I came across your blog when my son and his friends made mention of it. Not because of how great it is but because of how much hate is spewing from your mouth. I don't understand how a teacher who chose to work at a school that has predominantly Hispanic/Spanish speaking students could have such hate in her heart and close minded opinions. You know nothing of the people who come to this country or the reasons behind it and if you our your family were in danger you would do what is necessary to ensure there safety. If what you want to do is surround yourself with "True Americans" go teach in the backwoods with the moose that you love so much!
    Sincerely a former Washington parent and Teacher!

    1. While I could dwell on grammar errors like our/or and there/their, I won't. I do care about the safety of my family, and that is made clear by what I wrote. As far as your other false allegations about me, you've obviously missed the point of my blog post. You also equate "True Americans" to the "backwoods". It seems that there is much more hate coming from your words than any of mine. I will say, though, you made me smile when you brought up the moose that I love so much.